Product Engineering

Maktron Global provides product engineering services to various groups of Corporations to achieve their vision. We contribute to both global products and local fit versions for India, Asia and other similar markets. Our development Services include System software, Firmware, Web applications, Mobile and Cloud applications.

Solution Engineering

Maktron Global is providing innovative market oriented solution to enable Sharp Subsidiaries to sell more end to end products. The market oriented solutions developed by Maktron Global cater to all verticals like Banking, healthcare, hospitality, Manufacturing, Corporate, Retail, Entertainment, Legal etc.

Technology Research

Maktron Global has been working closely with various Sharp subsidiaries to understand market requirements and Technology Investigations that helps our customers envision new products and services. From time to time we offer such research in various new business development areas like Energy, Healthcare, Education etc.

Welcome To Maktron Global IT Solutions

Endowed with 6 Years of Positive Change and driven by inspired teamwork, Maktron Global IT Solutions is now a full-scale integrated information technology and software services development company having the presence in (INDIA).

Renowned as a leading Software, Mobile and Web Development Company, Maktron Global IT Solutions delivers a comprehensive range of web-based products and services through its creative team of skilled professionals. With 6+ years of experience, the company has spread its wings in different areas of web industry and delivering incredible solutions to its worldwide clients!





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Quality-Driven Process


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Custom Software Development / Product Development / Application Development
Outsourcing and consulting for all industries, all skills, all levels.

Application Development
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Web Development
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With the right strategy, we ensure you get maximum commercial advantage with lower operating costs and faster delivery on time.